Re: Boeing 777 First Flight was today - June 12

From: (Greg Wright)
Organization: Boeing Computer Services
Date:         13 Jun 94 10:42:07 
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Ken Hoyme <> wrote:
>For those of who may have missed this from whatever news system you may
>get, the Boeing 777 made its first flight today from Everett,
>Washington, and (more importantly) ended it safely.  :)  Only the
>scantest of details were reported.  CNN mentioned a 45 minute delay due
>to winds.  I know that the flight had been planned for 11AM Everett
>time, weather permitting, and the footage of the rotation and climb
>showed some rather dark skies.  Very high winds are expected to hit
>Washington by this evening, most likely delaying further flights for a
>day or two (this is speculation on my part). 

The high winds and rain have already hit, but nothing we aren't use
to in Seattle. :-) The 777 that flew, plane WA001, is now going
through extensive after flight inspections. It is not scheduled to fly
again until the end of the week at the earliest.  As for the flight
itself, what a great one!  Both the chief pilot and co-pilot had
nothing but good things to say about the new bird.  In fact, the
flight went so well that Boeing extended the flight an additional 45
minutes over the scheduled time resulting in the longest first flight
in Boeing history.  The only problems I heard about were a semi-faulty
pressure relief valve for venting excess pressure in the cabin and
some noise from the landing gear at the higher gear down speeds.

The weather did effect the flight. Shortly after takeoff the pilots
were force to change their flight path from one that took them towards
the ocean to one that led inland when the t-38 chase plane lost WA001
in the clouds.

The pilots were reported as saying, "We couldn't tell the difference
between the simulator and the actual plane."  I feel this is a great
achievement, to have a simulator, designed before first flight, behave
so much like the actual air plane.

>Do any of our Boeing readers have something like an official press
>An exciting day for all of us who have been involved in this program.  A

It truly was. 

>long 11 months of flight tests remain ahead.  

and another 4,920 flights........then delivery in May, 1995.

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