Boeing 777 First Flight was today - June 12

From: (Ken Hoyme)
Date:         12 Jun 94 23:47:58 
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For those of who may have missed this from whatever news system you may
get, the Boeing 777 made its first flight today from Everett,
Washington, and (more importantly) ended it safely.  :)  Only the
scantest of details were reported.  CNN mentioned a 45 minute delay due
to winds.  I know that the flight had been planned for 11AM Everett
time, weather permitting, and the footage of the rotation and climb
showed some rather dark skies.  Very high winds are expected to hit
Washington by this evening, most likely delaying further flights for a
day or two (this is speculation on my part). 

Do any of our Boeing readers have something like an official press

An exciting day for all of us who have been involved in this program.  A
long 11 months of flight tests remain ahead.  


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