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Sarah Holte <> wrote:
>Last night in the middle of the 11 pm news here in 
>Seattle, the anchor announced that they had a report
>of an airline crash in China, about 150 people on board.
>Thats all they said, had anyone else heard about this?

Monday looks to have been a *really* bad day in China!

First, a China Northwest Tu-154 crashed at 820a, only eight minutes
into flight 2303 from Xian to Guangzhou.  All but one of the 14 crew
and 146 passengers died in the crash; the sole survivor died later at
a hospital.

Then a Dragonair A320 had problems on a flight from Nanjing to Hong
Kong.  The pilot reportedly aborted the first landing attempt at 435p
local time after encountering unspecified problems with the flaps.
After circling for 40 minutes to burn off fuel, the pilot made an
emergency landing during which 7 or 8 (the number varies with the
report) of the 148 passengers and crew were injured and two tires

In yet another incident, this one without injury to the 139 people
aboard, a China Southern 737 on a flight from Fuzhou to Canton was
hijacked to Taipei, landing around 800p.

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