Re: VC10 and IL62

From: (Julian Fitzherbert)
Organization: Schlumberger Geco-Prakla
Date:         03 Jun 94 14:13:36 
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In article 1289@ohare.Chicago.COM, (Anthony MacKay) writes:
> Some time ago, there was correspondence on the net about the first 
> generation jet transports and the 707 and DC8 got thoroughly reviewed in 
> the following days.  Then someone mentioned the Convair 880 and I waited 
> in anticipation for the VC10 to get a bit of an airing.  Alas, the 
> correspondence moved on to other topics and the VC10 was forgotten.  If 
> any reader has information or interesting anecdotes about the short life 
> of the '10, I (and others) would like to relive this piece of aviation 
> history.  Remember the sales slogan?  Try a little VC tenderness.  I will 
> save the tale of the Comet for another occasion.

I'm sure the last airline VC10 belonged to Air Malawi. This one used to belong
to British United. I flew on it several times from UK to Malawi and on VC10s
belonging to BOAC, BUA , Ghana Airways and Nigerian Airways. It was always 
a lovely aircraft and it saddens me to see the one on display at Duxford though
of course a lot are still flying as RAF tankers.

My first flight on one was 1963/4 from Accra (Ghana) by BOAC (I was ~6) and my 
last was 1979 from Blantyre (Malawi).

My Flying Instructor, who was FO on the Air Malawi VC10 said it flew like
a fighter. He once let me feed a course correction into the auto-pilot on the
VC10 and the response was crisp to say the least! (I sat in the jump seat on the
the leg from Nairobi to Amsterdam on several occassions).

In all my flights on the VC10 I was only delayed twice by technical problems
and was never alarmed by it - more than I can say for some planes. My Dad missed
the Nigerian VC10 flight that crashed in Lagos by a week!

If this generates any interest I'll make sure I bring my VC10 book to work so
I can respond to VC10 questions without relying on memory. Perhaps I should put 
together some info about it?