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>(One of our readers works for Delta in this area, and hopefully
>will be able to offer another perspective.)

I've only worked line maintenance so I have to assume that our heavy
checks are very similiar to Uniteds.

As for line checks we do:

Trip Checks - quick walk-around for damage, tire and brake wear, oil,
hydraulic and oxygen levels and so on. Performed on every airplane
that stops at a DL MTC station.

Layover Check - more in depth check of the airplane. Fluid and brake
wear limits are higher eg. Trip Check oxygen limit is 1100 psi, but
on a Layover the limit is 1300 psi. Performed on any airplane that
stays at a DL MTC station for more than 3 hours.

Service Check - involves filter changes, gear and flap lubes and more
involved check outs of systems. These checks are numbered 1 to about
14 depending on the airplane. When the entire series of Service
Checks are completed the airplane goes to a letter check in one the
hangars. I don't know the time interval for these checks, they're
scheduled in ATL and appear on the aircraft's 'Open Maintenance Items
(OMI)' file and are then done on the next layover of about 8 hours

Hope this answers some questions.