Re: md80 vs boeing 727 (seating, was noise)

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Date:         02 Jun 94 00:36:16 
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This has nothing to do with cabin noise, but your picture reminded me
of a surprise I had a few years ago.  I've flown on a handful of DC-9s
(Hughes Airwest, Republic, Eastern) and all had 2-3 seating as in your
diagram, i.e., two seats to the left of the aisle and three to the
right.  But the one time I flew on a Delta MD-88, it had 3-2 seating,
that is, the pair of seats was on the right instead of the left.

A glance at the seating charts in a recent OAG shows 2-3 seating on
Delta DC-9s and 3-2 seating on their MD-88s.  American, Continental,
Northwest, TWA, and USAir all have the 2-3 seating on all DC-9 and
MD-80 variants as well as the Fokker F28s and F100s.  The only other
example of the 3-2 config I could find was AeroMexico, which uses it
in the MD-88, but has the usual 2-3 in the DC-9 and MD-82/83.

Does anybody know of any reason why the MD-88 would be backwards from
everything else, even in the same fleets?

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