VC10 and IL62

From: (Anthony MacKay)
Organization: University of Guelph
Date:         01 Jun 94 14:35:02 
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Some time ago, there was correspondence on the net about the first 
generation jet transports and the 707 and DC8 got thoroughly reviewed in 
the following days.  Then someone mentioned the Convair 880 and I waited 
in anticipation for the VC10 to get a bit of an airing.  Alas, the 
correspondence moved on to other topics and the VC10 was forgotten.  If 
any reader has information or interesting anecdotes about the short life 
of the '10, I (and others) would like to relive this piece of aviation 
history.  Remember the sales slogan?  Try a little VC tenderness.  I will 
save the tale of the Comet for another occasion.

On a similar subject, I have often wondered about the support strut which 
extends underneath the rear of the IL62 when it is parked.  Is the centre of 
gravity such that the engine weights make this necessary?  And, does this
aircraft have deep stall tendencies?  I remember that, after the loss of
one of the prototype BAC 111 aircraft (destined for Freddy Laker I think, 
when he was at British United Airways), the Brits put a pusher as well as 
a shaker on the column for the BAC11 and DH Tridents.