Re: Continental want-ad: LOW PAY!

From: (Matthew Meisel Sigelman)
Organization: Princeton University
Date:         26 May 94 12:14:44 
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In article <airliners.1994.1270@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Robert Dorsett) writes:
>If I have people operating heavy machinery near my $50 million airplane, I
>want people who are smart, in addition to the other criteria.  A recent
While all of the accidents you list are obviously quite expensive, the
potentiality for such accidents is actually quite low.  It really
doesn't take too much to avoid any of those accidents-- or others for
that matter.  Most of them are merely the product of carelessness -- and
I know plenty of well paid people who are careless.  Come on:  you don't
need "people who are smart" to be sure that your fuel door is getting
closed or that the brakes are being hooked up or that you don't have
trucks banging into the aircraft on the apron.  

>The counter-argument is that the union boys operate the machinery: but it
>is the grunts who will spot left-over tools, unsecured vehicles, open hatches,
>attached hoses and cables, etc.  

Actually, at many carriers and especially at ground handling firms, the
baggage handlers are the ones responsible for operating the equipment,
such as hooking up towbars and auxiliary power units, driving ramp
service vehicles including pushback tractors, and connecting brake

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