Re: Really Long Range Commercial Transport

From: (Alvin W. Law)
Organization: Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA
Date:         26 May 94 12:14:44 
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In article <>, Terrell D. Drinkard <> wrote:
>  We've been kicking this around a bit, and I thought I'd ask the group's
>  Assume for a moment that a commercial airframer could build a transport
>that is capable of flying halfway around the world in scheduled service.
>Does this have any real value?  Or are we happy at roughly 7000nm range?

As a frequent flyer to/from Hong Kong, I can think of two routes with
existing markets off the tip of my head, HKG-YYZ (by either Canadian
or Cathay Pacific) and HKG-ORD (by United).  Cathay Pacific is going
to have a direct HKG-YYZ flight soon with a stopover in Anchorage.  So
the market for a non-stop HKG-YYZ flight is already there.  And a
nonstop HKG-ORD flight by United would ease up the load of its
UA805/806 flights servicing HKG-SFO (which are packed 7 days a week)
and at the same time provide more flexibilities in connecting options
to the east coast.

Other candidates include LON-SYD and JFK-SYD but I have no idea about
the market for the two routes.

>  I'd ask a live customer's opinion if I knew one.  :-)

I have flown HKG-LAX twice and I can tell you the 15+ hour flight time
is definitely not a pleasant experience.  So I guess unless the new
transport is going to have supersonic cruise speed, the 20+ hour
flight time (especially in coach class) is probably less preferable
than a stopover mid-flight with a 747-400.
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