Re: Strange 767 at Boeing Field

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         26 May 94 12:14:44 
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Pete Coe <pete@Rational.COM> wrote:
>I drove through Seattle on interstate 5 this weekend, and while passing
>Boeing field I noticed a very odd looking 767 (I think).  Now I could have
>been confused by the dull drizzling weather, but it looked rather like it had
>another fuselage molded to the roof for about two thirds of its length.  If I
>had had moretime, I would have stopped of at the museum of flight and
>hopefully got a closer look.  My only thoughts were that it was a 767 AWAC's
>aircraft, but it also looked very like the Lockheed (or was it Soviet) design
>studies for hydrogen powered aircraft.
>Or maybe sleep deprivation made me dream the whole thing.

No, it was a real airplane.  :-)

It is owned by the US Army and is used to test all manner of ballistic
missle sensing stuff.  It used to be called the AOA (and still is by those
of us who used to work Boeing Field) but now has a new acronym associated
with whatever tests it is performing now.  That is all I know, and that is
from open sources.  :-)

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