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Date:         20 May 94 01:58:43 
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Following the messages here, I have a question.  Back in October, I
was on the perimeter road around PHL (Island Avenue) and I saw a
USAir 727 nearing the runway.  The 27 powered up, gears up, and went
around.  Running perpendicular to the main runway being used that
afternoon was another runway for commuters (near the old "warehouse"
overseas terminal) and from what I could hear on my scanner, there
was a conflict with either a landing Shorts or Beechcraft also with
USAir (I didn't see this aircraft). Now, I'm not an expert on this
subject, but the controller on duty was really awful.  She was
short-tempered,  barked out clearances that at times didn't seem to
make sense, and when some of the pilots questioned her judgment, she
replied downright rudely; it really seemed like an insult to some of
those pilots.   From what I could deduce, she was squeezing everyone
and his brother into the approach pattern.   In any event, right
after this 727 went around, someone (not the controller) replied to
the commuter that next time he should be more accurate when calling
in his position, etc.  How much responsibility does ATC take in
spacing aircraft - is this flying VFR? (Obviously, I'm not a pilot.) 
Maybe this situation will make sense to someone out there reading

thanks - Steve