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>First, what happened to the first A300-600?  Is it with Airbus or still
>with Garuda or what?  Were A300-600 cockpits built to match those of the
>A310 from the start or did this come later?

Your reference to Garuda and cockpits suggests you may be a bit
confused.  Garuda received the first A300 with a two-man crew, but
it was an A300B4-220 and not a -600.  It had the old round gauges
instead of the CRT displays we're used to seeing; Airbus referred
to it as FFCC (Forward-Facing Crew Cockpit).  First flight was on
October 6, 1981, with delivery to Garuda on March 4, 1982.  As far
as I can tell, it's still in service with Garuda wearing registra-
tion PK-GAA.

Less than a month after that delivery, the first A310 took to the
air, on April 3, 1992 to be precise.  It had a substantially more
sophisticated flight deck from the outset, with CRT displays in
place of the old gauges.

The A300-600 (officially the A300B4-600 series) has the aft fuse-
lage and horizontal tail of the A310 (plus a slight stretch) plus
various other refinements.  The cockpit is far more advanced than
the Garuda A300B4 (FFCC), though apparently it's a wee bit short of
the A310's sophistication.  They're close enough to have a common
type rating for pilots.

The first A300-600 flew on July 8, 1983, and was delivered to Saudia
on March 26, 1984.  (Before someone brings up American, they were the
launch customer for the A300-600R, the long range version, which first
flew in late 1987.)

>Second, does anyone know what type of engines Philippine Airlines and
>Garuda have on their new 747-400s?

Both have GE CF6-80C2B1F engines, which isn't surprising since both
are 747-4U3 models -- the Garuda customer code.  I assume that the
pair which Philippines is getting are part of a Garuda order or are
leased from Garuda.

>When does Kuwait Air get their's?

The first (of three) on order, also with the same GE engines, is due
to be delivered this coming August according to the info I have.

>Third, what exactly was modified on the A320 wing to get the A321 wing
>apart from the usual structural strengthening?  Are the flaps different?

As far as I know they're essentially identical, as are the various
current 737 models.  That's just my impression, though; I could be
all wet.

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