Re: Really Long Range Commercial Transport

Date:         20 May 94 01:58:42 
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ID>  Assume for a moment that a commercial airframer could build a transport
ID>that is capable of flying halfway around the world in scheduled service.
ID>Does this have any real value?  Or are we happy at roughly 7000nm range?

ID>  I'd ask a live customer's opinion if I knew one.  :-)

I'm a live customer ... I flew in Business Class on United (747-400)
from LAX to Sydney, Australia.  At 14 hours, I understand that this is
the longest scheduled commercial flight in the world.

Six hours into the flight I woke up and looked around the darkened
cabin.  After looking at my watch and calculating that we had another
eight hours to go, a strange thought overcame me:  What if I didn't want
to be in this airplane anymore?  Realizing that such thoughts weren't
healthy, I quickly put it out of my mind and went back to sleep.

Next time I go to Queensland, I'm going to connect at HNL to Cairns.
That's my opinion.  <g>