Re: Really Long Range Commercial Transport

From:         Alex Lee <alexlee@MIT.EDU>
Date:         20 May 94 01:58:42 
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Karl Swartz wrote:
>I've heard from a United pilot that on the long flights they have one
>and even two (on flights like LAX-SYD) reserve first officers, in
>addition to the captain, first officer, and, on older 747s, the flight

I flew United to and from Taiwan on flights UA844 and UA845 last
January, and in the cockpit they had 4 pilots.  I saw three of them
with four stripes, and one of them with three stripes.  The flight
from SFO to TPE was about 14 hours long, while the flight from TPE to
SFO was about 11 hours long.

Then I flew EVA to Taiwan in March.  I had a choice between EVA and
China Airliners.  I chose EVA because of their bigger seats, and also
because CAL's flight back was TPE-JFK non-stop.  I believe 15 hours in
the air is just too much for me.  On the EVA flight, they had 2
Captains and one Taiwanese first officer.  The trans-pacific leg was
from Seattle to Taipei, and it was shorter than SFO to Taipei.  I
think different airliners have different number of pilots for their
long range flights.  As a passenger, I would rather have a stop in the
middle than flying non-stop for 14 or 15 hours.  But for airlines,
they would probably want to fly direct to save money.  So I guess
there will be demand for really long range commercial transports, but
as a passenger, I would rather not fly on them.