Re: Strange 767 at Boeing Field

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Date:         20 May 94 01:58:41 
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>while passing Boeing field I noticed a very odd looking 767 (I
>think) ... it looked rather like it had another fuselage molded
>to the roof for about two thirds of its length.

That's the prototype 767.  Haven't you ever seen a pregnant plane
before?  Where do you think all the new planes come from?!  :-)

>My only thoughts were that it was a 767 AWAC's aircraft, but it also
>looked very like the Lockheed (or was it Soviet) design studies for
>hydrogen powered aircraft.

I saw an Airbus proposal, based on an A300 or A310, for a hydrogen
powered aircraft which looked very much like the aircraft you saw.
But your first guess was closest, if not quite right -- the upper
lobe houses an experimental infra-red sensor array.  Seems to me it
was around the mid-80s when they did this, and as far as I know the
project (and the plane, which really is 767 #1) has been dormant for
the past half-dozen years or so.

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