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Date:         20 May 94 01:58:41 
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>I talked to a 747-400 captain a while back, and asked him if they 
>transfer fuel in flight to the tank in the stabilizer to reduce trim 
>drag.  The answer, to my surprise, was NO.  He said unlike the MD-11's
>and the airbuses, the 747-400s only use the stabilizer tank to store 
>fuel, not to move the CG to reduce trim drag. Anyone out there who can
>verify that?

Recently, I said the current 747-400 does not have an active fuel
transfer system, but that this was going to be added as part of a
set of upgrades announced last summer that, in two years time, were
to increase the 747-400's MGTOW to 890,000 lbs.  Robert Dorsett
called me on this claim and asked me to cite references.  I thought
it was in either AW&ST or AMN or this newsgroup, but so far have
come up empty.  So, it may be a planned improvement, but I haven't
been able to document that assertion.

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