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Date:         20 May 94 01:58:40 
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Philip M. Chuang <> wrote:
>BTW, Terry, I have noticed that while Northwest's trans Pacific
>     cargo flight still stop via Anchorage, their passenger
>     flights have not done so for many years.  What could be
>     the possible reasons?

I'm not Terry (nor do I play him on TV) but I think I can answer that:

Anchorage is a pretty popular Cargo transshipment spot.  It makes sense:
most cargo 747s don't nearly have the range
to do US-Asia or Europe-Asia nonstop.  So a lot of planes have to stop
somewhere anyway, and at Anchorage they can do some mixing and matching
of cargos, which gives shippers more flexibility.  And most cargo, of
course, is indifferent to connecting vs non-stop flights (other than
super-delicate/super time-sensitive stuff).  I think Fairbanks tries
to play the same role.

Anchorage should be pretty pleased that they kept one function at least,
since few Asia passenger flights stop there anymore, now that the Russkies
have become more reasonable and airplanes have grown longer legs.