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From: (Philip M. Chuang)
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Date:         16 May 94 01:53:32 
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Terry Drinkard writes:

>  We've been kicking this around a bit, and I thought I'd ask the group's
>  Assume for a moment that a commercial airframer could build a transport
>that is capable of flying halfway around the world in scheduled service.
>Does this have any real value?  Or are we happy at roughly 7000nm range?
>  I'd ask a live customer's opinion if I knew one.  :-)

My guess is that China AL, EVA, Cathay, and China Eastern/Southern
would probably like a little more range to allow their planes to
fly non-stop from their respective home bases to ORD/NYC/IAD/ATL/DFW.
I can also see that BA might like to have the slightly additional
range to allow them to fly LHR -> Perth non-stop, so they can claim
to have nonstop UK-Australia service.

Maybe Singapore, Malaysia, and Thai also would like to be able
to serve the US West Coast nonestop, in both directions, year-round.

Speaking of Malaysia, early next year they will start flying
A330's nonstop from Kula Lumpur to Johannesburg, but because
of a combination of winds and the hot-and-high Jan Smuts Airport
at Johannesburg, the return trip will stop at Mauritius.  Although
I doubt traffic on this route will ever require a 747, Malaysia
might want to operate a twin equipped with more powerful engines
that will allow them to fly JNB->KUL non-stop someday.

BTW, Terry, I have noticed that while Northwest's trans Pacific
     cargo flight still stop via Anchorage, their passenger
     flights have not done so for many years.  What could be
     the possible reasons?