Re: twin-engine B727?

From: (Stephen Tedder)
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Date:         16 May 94 01:53:31 
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I work at AA's Maintenance and Engineering Center (mostly in jet engine test).
I'm pretty sure that we don't have any twin-engine 727's. Probably the 
aircraft sighted was one of our Fokker 100's, which would make sense
for Detroit. It has Tay 650 engines, which would account for the large 
nacelles. The F100 does have some resemblance to a "shorty" B727-100.
Like all our aircraft, the type is visible on the nose. If I remember
correctly, the tail numbers are in the sequence N2AA, N2AB,... 

Other notes...AA markings are removed from all aircraft we dispose of.
And...the Valsan mod involves leaving the center engine in place and
functional. These ships must be wild rides!!
Steve Tedder
	     918 292-3301