Re: Nagoya CAL Crash

From:         davelett@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Richard Sun)
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date:         16 May 94 01:53:28 
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In article <airliners.1994.1223@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Vic Riley) writes:

>One thing I don't understand about this account is that the initial reports
>indicated that the crew had told the tower they were going to go around
>about a minute and a half before the crash.  If they indicated that they
>intended to go around, why would the TOGA selection have been inadvertent,
>and why would the FO have tried to recapture the glide slope?

Reports from AW&ST 2May94 say the go-around was announced 8:15.14 and
the crash alarm was sounded at 8:15.47.  Barely over 30 seconds, during
which I suppose the crew was trying to figure out what the hell the
Airbus was trying to do.