Re: Really Long Range Commercial Transport

From: (James R Ebright)
Organization: The Ohio State University
Date:         14 May 94 21:09:51 
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Terrell D. Drinkard <> wrote:
>  We've been kicking this around a bit, and I thought I'd ask the group's
>  Assume for a moment that a commercial airframer could build a transport
>that is capable of flying halfway around the world in scheduled service.
>Does this have any real value?  Or are we happy at roughly 7000nm range?
>  I'd ask a live customer's opinion if I knew one.  :-)

I have a friend who does flights for Emory.  Mostly DC-8s.  He is in
Armenia right now... has been to Somolia, etc :)

They could use them...they have a lot of fuel stops on these kind of
flights.  But would anyone flying DC-8s buy an new plane? ;)

Other than servicing low volume, out of the way countries, and the
occasional JFK to HKG(?) flight, I suspect there isn't much of a market.
Even the Pacific isn't that hard to cross.
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