Re: Really Long Range Commercial Transport

From: (John DiMarco)
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
Date:         14 May 94 21:09:51 
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  or MIME structure (Terrell D. Drinkard) writes:

>  We've been kicking this around a bit, and I thought I'd ask the group's

>  Assume for a moment that a commercial airframer could build a transport
>that is capable of flying halfway around the world in scheduled service.
>Does this have any real value?  Or are we happy at roughly 7000nm range?

>  I'd ask a live customer's opinion if I knew one.  :-)

I'm a live customer who reads sci.areonautics.airliners because he thinks
commercial airliners are really neat.

Let's see: halfway around the world? That's something like NY to Singapore
nonstop, right? 30-40 hours of flying? 

The far east is becoming more and more important, economically, and I 
think that east-coast and midwest North Americans will be doing more and
more business there. As China ramps up, this'll really start to happen. 
It's important to get from here to there (and back) as quickly as possible, 
for less than say $10k. In my line of work, consider a computer customer in 
eg. Malaysia with a problem who needs a guy onsite asap. Put him on a nonstop;
he can catch up on sleep after he gets there and fixes things.... :-)

I read somewhere that Canadair has racked up quite a few billion dollars in
advance orders for a long-range business jet; if the bigwigs need to go
the distance, the flunkies and techies will too. 


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