Re: Concorde Question?

Date:         14 May 94 21:09:50 
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>They also put this wheel down when the concord is at the gate. I was in Paris 
>in February and saw one at the gate with the wheel down, and wondered if 
>the concord also has problems being tail-heavy when it is empty.
>Benjamin Frank

When parked the wing tip flaps on Concorde (Flaperons) all droop because the
hydraulics are off (at least thats what my Concorde book says). My guess is 
that the tail wheel comes down for the same reason. I doubt that the there
is much of a problem with being tail heavy unless they park up with fuel
left in the tail trim tank. That's unlikely since fuel is pumped to the
forward trim tank during the descent. 

My Concorde book also says that the fuel has 3 uses (balance, cooling and
propulsion). Most planes only have one use for the fuel although the SR71
also uses it for cooling.