Re: Nagoya CAL Crash

From: (Vic Riley)
Organization: SRC
Date:         14 May 94 00:08:41 
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In article <airliners.1994.1215@ohare.Chicago.COM>, David Lednicer
<> wrote:

> 	According to the preliminary CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) and DFDR
> (Digital Flight Data Recorder) readings, at the time on approach that the 
> first officer engaged the auto-throttle, he also inadvertently activated the 
> TOGA (Take-Off and Go-Around) switch.  "As a result, the aircraft's 
> auto-thrust and flight director reverted to automatic go-around mode and 
> the aircraft began to fly above the glide slope.  The crew was apparently 
> startled and did not recognize that the TOGA had been activated.  Chuang 
> [FO] applied nose down elevator in an effort to recapture the glide slope."

One thing I don't understand about this account is that the initial reports
indicated that the crew had told the tower they were going to go around
about a minute and a half before the crash.  If they indicated that they
intended to go around, why would the TOGA selection have been inadvertent,
and why would the FO have tried to recapture the glide slope?

Vic Riley