Re: causes of go 'rounds?

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Date:         13 May 94 11:31:44 
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Three weeks ago, arriving at Minneapolis-St Paul enroute to Seattle, the NW
Airbus I was traveling on did a go-round because a dead animal was spotted on
our runway (new variation on roadkill). The maneuver was pretty thrilling (I
suppose all sudden and  unexpected events on final approach seems pretty
thrilling!), as the aircraft was quite low to the ground. Tremendous spool-up,
followed by a really dramatic application of the elevators. 

Interestingly, the pilot, in an effort to placate us nervous passsengers,
mentioned that the reason for the abrupt nature of the maneuver was due to the
manner in which the Airbus is programmed to respond to such a situation. He
implied that the maneuver was more or less a push-button affair. Any comments
on this from informed sources?

Doug Bostrom
Atlanta, Ga