Re: causes of go 'rounds?

From: (Ed Hahn)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Va.
Date:         13 May 94 11:31:44 
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   Fred Christiansen ( wrote:
   : While driving past the PHX airport last Sunday, I observed an AmWest 737
   : descending to land and then pull up for a(n apparent) go 'round.  My
   : in-laws, who live fairly close to the airport, tell me that they see
   : go 'rounds from time to time (well, with greater frequency than I would
   : have tho't).

   : What are the reasons for which a pilot might decide to go 'round?
   : -- 
One reason I haven't seen mentioned yet on this thread is the
possibility that the aircraft in question may have been undergoing a
flight test, and that a go-around was part of the test protocol.
Admittedly, this is a very small chance, but PHX is AWE's maintenance

When I was working for the airlines, we were on a certification test
flight for a new GPWS for a DC10-30.  As part of the test flight, we
did a couple of go arounds at OKC, to test how the ground prox behaved
during the go around.

I should also mention as a side note that another part of the test
protocol was to descend at several thousand feet per minute at the
ground, wait until we got the most urgent warning, and pulled out of
the descent.  The minimum altitude we attained at the time was 700ft
AGL.  FYI, the PAI for the airline, DAR and DER for the
manufacturer, and other FAA personnel were onboard, and the entire
test plan was approved ahead of time.


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