Re: Concorde Question?

From: (Benjamin Andrew Frank)
Organization: University of Michigan Engineering, Ann Arbor
Date:         13 May 94 11:31:44 
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In article <airliners.1994.1203@ohare.Chicago.COM> megazone@obsidian.WPI.EDU (MegaZone) writes:
> (Amitava Raha) shaped the electrons to say:
>>down, and I noticed that it has a tail wheel, which is quite high
>>up as compared to the main wheels and the 
>>nose wheels and I was wondering what the purpose of that set
>Safety, they are there incase the pilot over-rotates on take-off.
>The Concorde has a steep angle when it lifts off, and the wheels are
>to prevent damage from tail-strikes.

They also put this wheel down when the concord is at the gate. I was in Paris 
in February and saw one at the gate with the wheel down, and wondered if 
the concord also has problems being tail-heavy when it is empty.

Benjamin Frank