Re: Twin-engine 727?

From: (Ed Hahn)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Va.
Date:         13 May 94 11:31:43 
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In article <airliners.1994.1208@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Lyle E. Stephens) writes:

   A reliable observer reported what looked like a B-727 with only two
   engines at Detroit during the week of April 27. The top engine air
   inlet had been replaced with a fairing, the tail cone had been modified,
   The nacelles were larger than usual, and the landing gear looked 
   somewhat different. The plane was in American Airlines colors. The
   observer is familiar with DC9/MD80's. Does anyone know more about
   such a plane?
When I was with AA, the company had looked at a two engine retrofit
for the B727 to prolong aircraft life with Stage 3 noise regulations.
The proposal involved attaching larger nacelle engines (RR Tay or IAE
VR2500?) while putting a hemispherical fairing in the center inlet.

American decided that this wasn't the way to go, and given the
downsizing trend within the airline and the economics of the existing
fleet, they probably haven't changed their minds.

However, AA has also retired quite a few B727s over the last couple of
years (mostly various -100s, but at least 10 -223/-2A7s by last
January).  When they left the airline (from the Tulsa maintenance
facility), they had the tail logo and the "American" on the fuselage
removed, and had the red fuselage stripe repainted blue (thus yielding
Blue-White-Blue fuselage stripes). However, it was very apparent to
anyone looking at them who they had belonged to.

My guess is that one of the buyers of these retired aircraft has
decided to try installing the engine retrofit, finally.  I'll defer to
someone else to answer the other half of this question...


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