Re: flags at top of fuselage?

From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         13 May 94 02:01:17 
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In article <airliners.1994.1192@ohare.Chicago.COM> you write:
>while i was watching japanese television, i noticed that
>the japanese 747 that is used as the official transport for
>the prime minister had a pair of small flags coming out of
>the top of the fuselage.  they were gone when the aircraft
>departed.  did someone go up and pull them or are they
>mechanically retracted?
>pardon the intrusion - i'm just a bit curious.

Usually, they pop the flags out the cockpit windows of presidential aircraft
(the US's Air Force 1 excluded).  In the case of the 747, this is not 
feasible, since the cockpit windows are sealed.  There is, however, an 
overhead exit hatch in the cockpit (with a reel-based egress system), which 
is probably what you saw being utilized.  I seem to recall it opens inward, 
but am probably wrong--if this were the case, it'd be why you wouldn't see 
any other features on top.

Were the flags on top of the hump?

Robert Dorsett