Re: Jet Makes Emergency Landing

From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         12 May 94 22:01:40 
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>Can you really replinish the hydraulic fluid when an airplane is
>in flight?  How does one pour things into the hydraulic system -
>doesn't even the low pressure line have enough pressure to not
>accept 'pouring' anything into it (unless done at high pressure)?
>Is the hydraulic line accessible to the crew?

It depends on the airplane.  Hydraulic designs usually include an unpressur-
ized reservoir (or pressurized to atmospheric pressure), the supply of which
goes to a hydraulic pump, the output of which provides hydraulic motive

In this scheme, it would appear that they had access to the reservoirs,
and just topped one or more off.  This would be difficult to do on most
Western transports, probably involving an EVA of some kind.

Robert Dorsett