Re: causes of go 'rounds?

From: (Patrick C Brackeen)
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Date:         12 May 94 13:19:37 
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Fred Christiansen ( wrote:
: While driving past the PHX airport last Sunday, I observed an AmWest 737
: descending to land and then pull up for a(n apparent) go 'round.  My
: in-laws, who live fairly close to the airport, tell me that they see
: go 'rounds from time to time (well, with greater frequency than I would
: have tho't).

: What are the reasons for which a pilot might decide to go 'round?
: -- 
 99% of the time a Commercial Airliner "go around" is due to trafic 
conflict on the runway. With good visabilty, a busy airport is normally 
spacing landing aircraft three miles in trail of each other and perhaps 
tring to get departures off the same runway between landings.

 The tower controller makes certain assumtions about where the landing 
aircraft will exit the runway or how quickly a departure will get off the 
ground. If all does not work smoothly, the pilot landing may notice that 
he is going to share the same strip of concrete with another piece of 
alluminum.. this is a no-no so he "goes around".

 While this maneuver is fairly rare for the individual pilot {I have not 
made one in 2 years or so} it is not uncommon at DFW ORD or other very 
busy places.

 Other less common reasons to 'go around' might include wind shear, 
improper line-up, about to land to far down runway, equipment 
malfunctions {unsafe gear light?} etc. While perhaps upsetting to some 
passengers, the procedure is really very safe and a  normal part of a 
pilots experiences.

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