Re: causes of go 'rounds?

From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         12 May 94 13:19:35 
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In article <airliners.1994.1185@ohare.Chicago.COM> you write:
>While driving past the PHX airport last Sunday, I observed an AmWest 737
>descending to land and then pull up for a(n apparent) go 'round.  My
>in-laws, who live fairly close to the airport, tell me that they see
>go 'rounds from time to time (well, with greater frequency than I would
>have tho't).
>What are the reasons for which a pilot might decide to go 'round?

>From our home office in Sioux City, Iowa...  (okay, okay, TASTELESS pun...)

10. Cow/deer on the runway.
9.  Airplane on the runway/in the way.
8.  Too fast.
7.  Too slow.
6.  Wrong runway.
5.  Wrong airport.
4.  Medical problems.
3.  Can't lower gear, hydraulic failure.
2.  Squawk on autopilot in Cat II or III approach.
1.  Can't see the runway.

Robert Dorsett