Re: causes of go 'rounds?

From: (Philip E. Wood)
Organization: Zilker Internet Park, Inc.
Date:         12 May 94 13:19:35 
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Fred Christiansen" <> writes:
>While driving past the PHX airport last Sunday, I observed an AmWest 737
>descending to land and then pull up for a(n apparent) go 'round.  My
>in-laws, who live fairly close to the airport, tell me that they see
>go 'rounds from time to time (well, with greater frequency than I would
>have tho't).
>What are the reasons for which a pilot might decide to go 'round?

Generically speaking, there are two reasons to go-around.

The first is pilot-initiated.  For some reason, the pilot isn't happy.  
Improper descent, speed to high, unexpected gust or whatever.  The pilot 
always has the right to abort a landing.

The second reason would be an ATC-ordered go-around.  Maybe the previous 
aircraft hasn't cleared the runway yet, or someone accidentally crossed 
or entered the active runway.  In AUS, we have go-arounds when bunnies or 
birds are on the runway.

Hope that answers your question....

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