Re: causes of go 'rounds?

From: (Kurt W. Dekker)
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Date:         12 May 94 13:19:35 
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Fred Christiansen ( wrote:

: What are the reasons for which a pilot might decide to go 'round?

Absolutely anything.  Traffic ahead, traffic on the runway, mis-sequencing
(by the tower or otherwise), miscommunication with the tower, a critical
checklist failure (no down and locked lights, for example), the pilot got
airsick, too high, too fast, it doesn't feel "just right," whatever. 

In a little Cessna, I'm forever going around to avoid wake turbulence (I
fly out of John Wayne in Orange County, CA, and we have the big boys, but
thank god no heavies).  One day the nearby Tustin helicopter base was
shooting their big Sikorski 53s down our ILS, and I went around three
times in a row waiting for a suitable gap between those gigantic 

The way an airplane contacts the ground is something that you really want
to get just right.  It's not something to sort of try out for grinners
just to see how it will come out.  When it's a big transport-category
airplane, it really has to be done right, because I don't think they can
stand the types of clunky landings I can regularly get away with in a
little Cessna.