Orbis DC-10-10ER

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Date:         12 May 94 13:19:34 
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The Project Orbis DC-10-10ER (the second DC-10 built by Douglas) flew
for the first time since undergoing a modification to become an
airborne flying eye hospital. The flight took place 07 May 1994, at
17:15 from the Brookley Complex, Mobile, Alabama. The flight test
included functional testing of the aircraft systems, and checks of
deflection of the interior modules; the aircraft and mod did quite

FAA flight test is scheduled for 30 May, with first operational
flights to China shortly thereafter.

Orbis provides an international service: eye surgery skills exchange
and training, all to support the goal of preventing needless blindness

Orbis is a non profit humanitarian organization that relies on
donations for economic survival.  For more information, contact Orbis
at the NYC office: 212 244 2525.