TransAtlantic Twin Engine failure

From:         rna@leland.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft)
Organization: Stanford University, CA 94305, USA
Date:         08 May 94 23:50:40 
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Larry Nebron <> posted an article in
that is very apropos of the issue of ETOPS, discussed in s.a.a some months

I won't quote the whole article, since it's copyright and I'm not sure
it should have been posted in its entirety anyway.  Briefly a United 767
en route from London to LA landed in Churchill, Manitoba (on Hudson Bay)
at an old SAC base after flying for 90 minutes with one bad engine.
This was on Saturday, May 7.

It would be interesting to hear more of the details of this, as people
hear them.  Most of the passengers apparently spent the night at a local
diner, clearing them out of 4 days worth of food and spending a bundle
in the process!  And adventure in retrospect, but possibly not too
enjoyable at the time the pilot announced the trouble...