Exhaust fumes in aircraft cabin?

From:         Tony Heatwole <heatwole@clark.net>
Date:         06 May 94 18:02:14 
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Earlier this week while waiting to take off at DFW (with 20 planes
in front of us) I noticed a strong smell of exhaust fumes in the
cabin. I've noticed this from time to time before, but the long
wait made me think about it:

    1. Where do the fumes come from?  The engines on my plane or
       the planes in front of us? If the cabin air is being re-
       circulated from bleed air from the engines, we shouldn't
       be getting any of our own exhaust.

    2. While they were only slightly unpleasant, how bad are the
       fumes in a case like this. In particular, how much carbon
       monoxide is there likely to be in it?

Any ideas?

Tony Heatwole
Gaithersburg, MD