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Date:         06 May 94 18:02:14 
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Here is a summary of reports on Flight CI140 made by a Taiwanese newspaper
published in the U.S. in the last few days:

Initial analysis of the cockpit recordings indicated that the co-pilot was
in command during the landing.  The pilot was giving instructions (mostly in 
Chinese) to the co-pilot.  The co-pilot had only a bit over 1,000 hrs of
experience, while the pilot had some 8,000 hrs of experience on the A300.
>From the recordings, it was almost confirmed that the plane crashed after
the crew pulled up too quickly and stalled the plane.  However, many
Japanese "experts" (i.e., current Airbus pilots) believed that there were
malfunctions in the controls (especially the computers, i.e., they believed 
that the CAL crew were not able to manually override the computers).  When
the crew realized that the altitude was too high for the first landing and
decided to go around, the co-pilot said he couldn't "push it up"
(translation), then the pilot took over and couldn't "push it up", either.
Whether they couldn't "push up" the engine throttle and the yoke, it was not
clear from the cockpit conversation.  The last words from the cockpit were
"It's over, it's over."  All of the survivors (two Taiwanese, one Filipino,
and six Japanese including three very young kids) sat near or in front of
the wing.  This is the fifth CAL crashes in ten years (two 737-200's, one
747-200F, one 747-400, and the A300).

NOTE: The newspaper (and/or the Japanese experts) did make an ignorant
      comment about the similarity of the A300 and A320 "computers".
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