B- country code (was Re: Accident in Japan)

From:         pmc@merit.edu (Philip M. Chuang)
Organization: University of Michigan
Date:         06 May 94 18:02:13 
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    Fine information, as per usual. 

>According to an Airbus Industrie comment, the aircraft was delivered
>in 1991.  This would appear to be registration B-1816 (construction
>number 580), an A300B4-622R, and the first A300-600 to go down.

    Incidentally, according to Taiwanese television reports as
    of Friday, China Airlines is still trying to determine how
    much to compensate the victims' families. During a news
    conference the airline's vice chairman said that he wanted
    the family to receive as much money as possible, but said 
    that paying them too much money would "unfairly obligate 
    other carriers in future fatal accidents."

    Also, one wonders if this might mean trouble for Pratt&
    Whitney, who has powered every CI Jet.  CI was already
    upset with power-surge problems with the PW 4000's on their
    MD-11's.  Now that CI has lost two PW 4000-powered hulls
    in a few months, CI might switch powerplant vendors, just
    as JAL switched to GE engines for their 747-400's.

    Lastly, just curious, since both China and Taiwan use the
    B- national prefix, short of keeping diligent lists, is
    there a way to tell which B- aircraft are registered in
    China and which in Taiwan?  Is there any number that's
    registered to one aircraft in China and another in Taiwan?