Re: 757 airfoil specs

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         27 Apr 94 01:25:54 
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Fungi from Berkeley <> wrote:
>I need some info on Beoing 757 wing sections, mainly the type(s)
>of airfoil sections used in the wing. Also AR, span, and winglet
>specs (if any) would be helpful. Can someone supply me with this
>info or point me in the right direction?

The 757, like all current commercial jet transports, uses a supercritical
airfoil section.  The exact definition of that airfoil is probably
considered proprietary.  However, there is no reason you can't ask to see
if the company would give you something close.  Try a letter on your
official letterhead stationery with an enclosure describing the project.
I'll find you a name and mailstop if you are interested.

The public data are as follows:
  Aspect ratio  8.4 (trapezoid)
  Span  124 ft 6"
  Wing area  1951 sq ft (reference)

The 757 has never had a winglet.

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