Re: A320 question

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         21 Apr 94 23:18:37 
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TRIEBELHORN  JEFFREY WERNER <triebelh@rastro.Colorado.EDU> wrote:
>I have noticed that the cargo doors on the a320 have an unusually large 
>Is there an option for a containerized cargo system? United has a nesting 
>system in both the front and rear in their fleet of 320s. The reason why 
>I ask, is that one night in Denver, I saw a Mexicana 320 with a cargo 
>loader pulled up at the rear of the plane. I could not see any special 
>cans or pods near the plane. I have not seen that since then.
>    Just wondering,

Yes, Airbus has a containerized cargo system option for the A320, and
presumably for the A319 and A321 as well since they share the same basic
cross-section.  The containerized cargo option is, I understand, fairly
popular with European airlines because of union work rules, but is not very
popular elsewhere because of the added weight penalty.  I am not familiar
with Mexicana's airplanes, and so cannot comment in detail on their

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