Flightdeck Automation: request for input

From:         flight@ENGR.ORST.EDU (KenFunk surveyaccount)
Date:         21 Apr 94 00:25:41 
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Oregon State University, America West Airlines, and
Honeywell are conducting a study of flightdeck automation
for the Federal Aviation Administration which requires
input from the aviation community.

The increasing use of automation on the flightdecks of
commercial transport aircraft has raised concerns about
the overall safety effects of this equipment.  While
several studies have attempted to address some of these
automation issues, until now no one has tried to
systematically identify all issues that exist about
flightdeck automation.  The objectives of this study are
to collect and compile a comprehensive list of all
flightdeck automation problems and concerns and to address
them in order to identify or generate recommendations and
guidelines for the FAA, manufacturers, and operators.

To achieve these objectives we are soliciting information
on problems and concerns from the aviation community. 
When we have compiled these problems and concerns we will
prioritize them, study the highest priority items using
analytic methods and simulator studies, and identify and
develop recommendations based on our findings.

If you have direct knowledge about commercial transport
aircraft flightdecks and you know of problems with
flightdeck automation or have concerns about the safety of
such automation, you can help us by filling out a copy of
our Flightdeck Automation Problems and Concerns
Questionnaire. This is an opportunity for you to
contribute to flight safety and, if you wish, we will put
you on our distribution list to receive copies of reports
on the results of our study.

If you would like to fill out a questionnaire, send a
message to flight@engr.orst.edu (don't post your request
to this newsgroup!).  Request a copy of the Flightdeck 
Automation Questionnaire, and I will send you a copy via
e-mail.  When you have completed it (which should take 
between 15 and 30 minutes), just e-mail the completed
version back to me.  The problems and concerns you
identify will be added to our database and used in our

Ken Funk
Assistant Professor of Ind. and Mfg. Engineering
Oregon State University
e-mail: flight@engr.orst.edu, funkk@engr.orst.edu
phone: (503) 737-2357  FAX: (503) 737-5241