Re: USAir 737 nose gear collapse

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Date:         14 Apr 94 12:34:00 PDT
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In article <airliners.1994.1132@orchard.Chicago.COM>, (Robert
Dorsett) writes:

>However, the 737 nose gear is actuated by System A, which is 
>provided by engine-driven pumps...

The 737-200 has a "Ground Interconnect" valve which allows you to operate the A
hydraulic system using the B electric hydraulic pumps.
The 737-300 and greater have an electric and engine-driven pump for the A and B
systems. There is no need for the interconnect valve on these models of the

>USAir spokeswoman Andrea Butler said airline mechanics have determined that
>the collapse was not due to mechanical failure. 

>Yeah, right!


>Sounds to me like maintenance left the gear lever in off, and the crew hadn't
>done the safety check yet. 

Let's not jump to conclusions. The L/1011 has a history of the nose gear
retracting all by itself. This was found to be a mechanical failure of a spring
in the control valve. This happened last year in STR. Let's not try to figure
out the cause by the statements of the media or a couple of mechanics that were
standing around the nose gear.