Re: USAir 737 nose gear collapse

From:         Robert Dorsett <>
Date:         14 Apr 94 12:33:58 PDT
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>What FedEx hijacking?

A lunatic jump-seating flight engineer went wild with a couple of hammers and
a speargun in a FedEx DC-10 last week.  He apparently hit the captain and
on-duty FE, who then engaged him in some hand-to-hand combat for a few minutes.

In the meantime, the F/O was performing some loaded maneuvers, which 
apparently caused wing or surface damage.  They finally pinned him down, but
apparently the F/O was injured in the process.  The captain landed the 
airplane, with the other crewmembers sitting on the hijacker, who was still
trying to fight.

According to AP, the cockpit looked like a slaughterhouse on touchdown.
The captain was released from the hospital the next day, but the other three
were kept; I believe the F/O and the errant F/E are still in bad shape, and
the on-duty F/E the worst off.

Needless to say, the FBI is not happy about any of this, and is ready to
pounce on the errant F/E once he is released.  It appears that he was
scheduled for a hearing to determine whether he had falsified application
materials.  If found to have done so, he likely would have been dismissed.
So, of course, he decided to kill an airplane, in a rather half-assed manner.
What a loser.

Robert Dorsett