Re: Delta Tristar Operations

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Date:         14 Apr 94 12:33:54 PDT
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In the first case a Delta Tristar was taking off towards the east (Gatwick
has only one east-west runway). The pilot aborted the takeoff causing a 
landing aircraft to go round again. The tower asked for an explaination of the
takeoff abort and was told 'Bad flap indication'. The tower asked for further
clarification but was again told 'Bad flap indication'. Anyway the Tristar 
pulled off the runway and sat in an unused holding area at the east end for 
about ten minutes before taxiing back to the west end and trying another
takeoff. This time he lifted off but kept the under-carriage down. I was
expecting him to perhaps circle and land but he headed off eastwards gaining
altitude but with the under-carriage still down. 
Just a WAG, but this may have been a case of the infamous "Flay Assy Det" light
coming on. A very common malady that affects the L/1011. The light indicates a
failure of the flap assymetry detection system. Resetting circuit breakers for
the system and operating the flaps a few times usually fixes the problem.