Re: CATIA or CADDS 5 CAD/CAM technical papers?

From:         ap183@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Kyle D. Jackson)
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
Date:         13 Apr 94 19:17:15 PDT
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In a previous article, (Frank Blando) says:

>I am looking for pointers to technical papers about Virtual Reallity and
>the CAD/CAM tools used in the aircraft industry.
>Is anyone aware of technical articles about CATIA?  CATIA is the CAD/CAM
>tool used by Boeing to develop the new 777.  The code was developped jointlly

This is likely no help whatsoever, but...  I have never used CATIA
personally, but I have been told by my peers that used it that they, uhm,
strongly disliked it!  Our company has since replaced CATIA with
Pro/ENGINEER, which is felt by most of my colleagues to be a far superior
package in mechanical design work.  Apparently, the producers of Pro/ENG
are enjoying many benefits right now from marketing what is being billed
as the widest selling CAD/CAM package in North America...

While I know not whether any aircraft companies use this package, it may
be worth checking into...