Re: Flutter & Swept Wing Aircraft

From:         ap183@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Kyle D. Jackson)
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Date:         13 Apr 94 19:17:14 PDT
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In a previous article, (Richard G. Estock) says:

>In addition to any answers to the above, I would be most appreciative
>of suitable references to wing design as well as on flying a 747.  

A great, easy-reading reference text for aircraft design in general is
available as part of the AIAA Education Series.  It is titled "Aircraft
Design: A Conceptual Approach", by Raymer.  I do not have it right here
(it's at work), but I can get the ISBN number, etc, if you wish.  Purchase
value was about $90 CDN before taxes <ouch!>.  This text could give you a
good fundamental grasp of various aspects in wing design.  It may not be as
good as a dedicated text in wing design/aerodynamics, but it is still
worth checking out.