Re: GPS on airliners?

Organization: Idaho State University, Pocatello
Date:         13 Apr 94 19:17:12 PDT
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According to the April 11, 1994 issue of Aviation Week and
Space Technology, GPS is standard on Boeing 777-200 
aircraft.  See p. 51.  This almost surely means that the
GPS output can be used by the autopilots.  This has no
bearing on the question of whether the aircraft can take
off or land without pilot control, however.  Autolanding
is usually done in the presence of a Category III ILS,
which requires extensive ground equipment as well.  There
has been no determination of whether GPS or Differential
GPS is capable of Category III positioning.

Jim Wolper CFII
Department of Mathematics
Idaho State University
Pocatello, ID  83209-8085  USA