Re: CATIA or CADDS 5 CAD/CAM technical papers?

Organization: SRI International
Date:         13 Apr 94 19:17:11 PDT
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In article <airliners.1994.1128@orchard.Chicago.COM> (Frank Blando) writes:
>I am looking for pointers to technical papers about Virtual Reallity and
>the CAD/CAM tools used in the aircraft industry.


I've found a few articles on VR and the aircraft industry.  Nothing very
detailed I'm sorry to say:

Chris Esposito  "Virtual Reality Research at Boeing" Proceedings of 1992 WESCON
Pete Tinker "Real Training in the Virtual World" Proceedings of 1992 WESCON
John Holusha  "Carving Out Real-Life Uses for Virtual Reality" New York Times,
October 31, 1993.
Dave Holbrook "Stereo Viewing: Looking 'Into' Manuacturing" Manufacturing
Systems, January 1991.

Bob Wohlsen