Re: GPS on airliners?

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Date:         13 Apr 94 19:17:06 PDT
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>Now then.  Airliners since the B767 have been "able" to fly from about
>50 foot altitude on takeoff to the destination, and complete an
>autoland without direct human intervention on the flight controls.
>Note that the pilot does have to enable certain autoflight modes,
>however.  As for autoland capability, the L1011 was able to
>demonstrate it as far back as the early 70s.

The L-1011 has had the takeoff-to-landing capability from day one.
This was demonstrated by ship 2 on a flight from Burbank to Paris
(for the Paris Airshow) even before the L-1011 entered service.

With regard to autoland, the first airliner capable of doing this
that I'm aware of the was the Trident, substantially before the
L-1011.  The L-1011 was probably the first to do this in North

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